We have photos of the next guitar on its way to us from German luthier Dominik Wurth – a beautiful cedar and Indian rosewood classical that is ready to ship to us any day now. We asked Dominik to tell us a bit more about the guitar (since it’s always fun to hear what the luthiers are trying to achieve and improve upon in their guitars) and here’s what he wrote:

“This cedar top has 5 fan braces. I am always looking for a darker color in the trebles and 5 braces are better for this than 7. Also I am using two small cross struts under the bridge and a tunneled harmonic bar beyond the soundhole like Torres. The Barbero models I’ve been building have helped me incorporate a lot of new ideas to my model, especially when it comes to the top thicknesses and the arrangement of the struts.

Actually, I’ve been wanting all of my cedars to become less stiff so I’ve been reducing the top thickness step by step and adjusting the height of the cross bars under the bridge, resulting in a good compromise between warmth and clarity/brightness. Also by having a looser top I am getting a faster attack, something I’ve always wanted to improve upon. But I have not sacrificed sustain for attack and feel that this is a balance that I will stick with for my cedar top guitars for now, because the best guitar is always the next one.”

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  1. Stephen says:

    It amazes me that the size, shape, and number of bars and braces can affect sound as much as it does. I’ve heard only one DW, Cedar top and the sound was so wonderful.


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