Orfeo Magazine just released their 11th issue, and it’s an English Special. Within the 74 pages, the issue starts by giving a brief history of the guitar in England and how it originated from a cittern-like instrument with courses of strings, then we get into classical guitar builders who make their instruments in England, including Paul Fischer, the successor of the famous master David Rubio, and Christopher Dean, who likes to build traditional Spanish-influence instruments in the Torres and Santos styles. Orfeo then gives a profile of Kevin Aram, who like Dean, builds traditionally in the Spanish and Hauser styles, yet interestingly builds electric and acoustic guitars in the cigar-box fashion for fun – What a hobby! Gary Southwell’s story is intriguing because he builds historical replicas in the style of Lacote, Stauffer and Pagés as well as modern and contemporary guitars with a scientific approach. We get to Michael Gee who is known for his double-top guitars, and close off with tuning machine maker David Rogers, whose extravagant works are known as some of the best tuning machines ever.

Click here to read the full Orfeo #11 issue and learn more about the guitar scene in England.

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