We have photos of the next guitar coming to us from Washington, D.C. based luthier Luis Fernandez de Cordoba – a beautiful cedar and Indian rosewood classical made with some amazing woods that’s just about ready to ship to us. Here’s what Luis had to say about the guitar and the materials:

“On this guitar I used red cedar that has been stashed in my shop since I started my luthery journey in the year 2001, so it has been stored for 17+ years. For the back and sides the wood is some of the most exotic Indian rosewood I have ever seen. The sides have a satin look to them with contrasting black lines. The back is just spectacular with different tones of brown, red and green plus a cascading wavy figure from the waist down to the lower bout.

For the binding I used flame maple and the corner is extremely rounded to a 1/8″ or 3.2 mm radius, making it very comfortable to hold especially for the right forearm.

The rosette is my own take on ones from 1930’s Madrid guitars (Santos and Esteso) especially on the use of teal blue and wine reds.

The bracing is a five fan bracing like a Bouchet but instead of one rigid, solid bar under the the saddle and fit over the fans, I used 2 more flexible cross braces, each placed the same distance from the front and back of the bridge. They are tapered in hight from treble to bass, causing the treble side to be more rigid. Also they are slightly lower than the fans so the fans are fit over the cross braces. This makes the sound have great clarity but also a lot of warmth plus balance and dynamic range.

As all my instruments they are made using only hide glue and shellac for the finish.”

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