We’ve just had word of the passing of the great Spanish luthier Marcelino Lopez Nieto. Lopez Nieto got his start as a luthier like so many mid-century Spanish luthiers – as a cabinet maker. But he was also a serious guitar player – a student of Daniel Fortea no less – and became something of a renaissance man, continuing his guitar studies into advanced age and also becoming a painter and opera singer. He even delved into history, finding evidence that the guitar may have had its roots in 2nd Century Rome. And in addition to making fantastic classical and flamenco guitars Lopez Nieto was a collector with a very impressive collection, and he did quite a bit of restoration work as well. In all, his was a life in every way dedicated to the guitar and the arts, and his contribution to the history of the Spanish guitar was considerable.

You can learn more about Marcelino Lopez Nieto by checking out these two interviews – one from Orfeo magazine and the other from Andrea Garcia.

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2 Responses to “In Memoriam – Marcelino Lopez Nieto”

  1. Rick Cohrs says:

    Thank you for giving us this information. I appreciate learning more about such people who have dedicated their lives to the enrichment of humanity.

  2. To hear of his passing fills me with sorrow and gratitude. I never had the pleasure to meet him in person, but having repaired some of his wonderful guitars makes me feel somehow related to him. I learned a lot from him. And one of his guitars has had a great influence on my own guitar making – it was nothing less than my bench mark as a young luthier in Munich. I will always remember him with gratitude. Rest in peace, Marcelino!
    Sebastian Stenzel


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