Here’s Chris Garwood showing off a brand new guitar from French luthier Jean-Noel Rohe. Rohe is seen by both Daniel Friederich and Dominique Field as the leader of the current generation of young French luthiers, and to date they would seem to be right. Rohe’s work is balanced and elegant in every respect, as you’ll hear from Chris’ demonstration.

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6 Responses to “First Look – Jean-Noel Rohe”

  1. Behrooz compani says:

    Price of 2018 Rohe please.

  2. LDB says:

    The guitar may be built to perfection, but the sound for this new guitar has a 100 year old soul. It will get even better.

  3. James Farber says:

    I like it that Chris had composed a piece Oceanesque. It really sounded great on that guitar.

  4. Beaufort Goup says:

    Quel intonacion !

  5. Rod says:


  6. Craig Jordan says:

    I purchased a Rohe from GSI in 2017 and it is developing a beautiful voice. I look forward to playing this guitar every day! Because the sides are lined with spruce, I am really interested to see how this will impact the sound after some years of playing. What a great artisan luthier and thanks to GSI.


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