Our friend Jaxon Williams was back for more videos. Jaxon jut finished the second year of his DMA studies at USC and is currently performing a program of music by American composers in the US and in Europe, so he recorded six of Bryan Johanson’s Preludes on six different guitars, including a 2018 Jean-Noel Rohe, 2001 John Weissenrieder ‘Garcia’ model, a 2015 Hermann Hauser III, a 2018 Annette Stephany, a 2018 Francois Leonard and a 2013 Paolo Coriani ‘Manuel Ramirez’ model. Jaxon will be off to Spain this Summer to work on his flamenco chops and then he’s back to the US to finish his DMA and continue performing, so we hope to see more of him soon.

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  1. Darryl Woodson says:

    I am interested in the Granada style guitars that are a little easier for me to play than the big Madrid Rodriguez style construction. Do you have any in stock? Thank you.


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