We have photos of the first guitar being built for us by Julia Wenzel, who won the silver medal in last year’s Antonio Marin Montero Guitar Making Competition. The guitar she is building for GSI, like the guitar that won the competition (the finished guitar in the photos below), is a cedar and cypress classical built completely in the traditional Spanish style. Julia has been working with Florian Blochinger and considers Edmund Blochinger to be one of her mentors. She tells us that while making a canoe she realized her passion for woodworking, and went on to study at the ‘Instrumentenbauschule Mittenwald’ for three years and graduated top of her class. Six years later she completed her Master of Crafts Examination in Munich, Bavaria. Then last year she entered the Antonio Marin competition and won Silver. We are very excited to be representing Julia Wenzel in the US and look forward to receiving our first guitar from her.

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3 Responses to “Coming Soon – Julia Wenzel”

  1. Florian Blöchinger says:

    Congratulations Julia!!

  2. Julia Wenzel says:

    Thanks a lot i am very happy 🙂

  3. susanne says:

    Cypress PLUS cedar: looks very promising and great craftmanship!! Curios to hear the guitar. And by the way, good tgo see another FEMALE guitarmaker on the market….Congrats!


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