Check out GSI president David Collett on Zagreb television. David was attending the Zagreb Guitar Festival and discussing historic guitars. David reports that “I was invited to give a joint talk with Hrvoje Grgic, a local guitar aficionado and collector. He brought in about 25-30 guitars from his collection, including Torres, Santos, Simplicio, Garcia, etc. as well as several pre-Torres guitars like Panormo, Lacote, Stauffer, Pages, etc. They discussed the guitars with the audience – the background, history, etc. and had some players (including our friend Mak Grgic) demonstate the guitars. There were even some curious volunteers from the audience who demo’d some of the guitars including Carlotta Dalia from Italy and a local professional, Sasha Dejanovic . One of the players who did demos was Hrvoje’s son, Zlatko. Zlatko is becoming a bit of a local celebrity in Croatia, he plays concerts, enters competitions and lately has done a few TV features. His style is very interesting – he plays without nails, and plays on gut strings. His style is also very personal – very subtle, sensitive and unique in terms of phrasing, color shifts, exploration of sound, etc. Very interesting young man!”

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