Turns out I really like Weiss, so here’s David Russell playing the Weiss Suite:

Part I: Allemande, courante, Angloise

Part II Sarabande, Menuet, Passacaille

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5 Responses to “David Russell Plays Weiss”

  1. Kcsito says:

    Beautiful! One of the greatest videos of Russell out there, incredible tone and phrasing. Also a great sample of the amount of hecklers, uneducated stupid idiots out there who can not help but to cough in the middle of such a performance!!!!

  2. scstroh says:

    Beautiful pieces. Would you please identify their titles?

    • Kai says:

      On YouTube it just says ‘Weiss Suite’, and I put the names of the movements under the vids.

  3. Lawrence Tendler says:

    Maybe they are coughing because they are bored?

  4. France BĂ©gin says:

    WOW!!! He is truely one of the greatest! He is an incredible musician 😀 Concerning the coughing, if one needs to cough sometimes he/she doesn’t have the choice 😉


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