We have photos of the next guitar on its way to us from English luthier Jake Fuller – his 100th guitar! This instrument will have a spruce top and maple back and sides, with walnut bridge, bindings and head veneer (no rosewood at all on this guitar). The guitar also features a new design, which we’ll let Jake describe:

“The guitar has a new design for the back, using a raised central strut housed into four highly tapered transverse bars. It’s lightweight and rigid longitudinally, giving extra structural stability to the guitar as a whole. The back now moves more uniformly and the air resonance has dropped down a tone. Subsequently the guitar has an enhanced bass response but retains definition, and the trebles are nice and open. Combined with a slightly stiffer soundboard than previous guitars, (achieved by heightening the transverse bars in the soundboards lower bout).”

The guitar is completed and should arrive very soon. We definitely look forward to hearing this new one!

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