Here’s another great video of Bill Kanengiser playing that 2018 Ariel Ameijenda cedar and Uruguayan blackwood guitar that was just sold. This time Bill gives us a bit of Tarrega, playing a lovely rendition of Marieta. And if you like the sound of this guitar, Ameijenda is building another one for GSI with the exact materials and specs, which should be here pretty soon (you can see a few photos of that guitar here).

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4 Responses to “Bill Kanengiser plays Ameijenda, Part 2”

  1. Dave McLellan says:

    A usual magnificent performance from Bill. Yay!

  2. Chris Wolf says:

    Beautiful piece, beautifully played. Let us know if you’re ever coming through Chico. Thanks!

  3. Tony Norris says:

    Very nice job Bill!

  4. Raelyn Tran says:

    What a wonderful performance. I love Francisco Tarrega and I do not think this piece could be played better.


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