Our friend Jiji was back in town – you may remember her amazing performance of Leyenda on a 1925 Santos Hernandez – more or less on her way to her new gig at Arizona State University where se’ll be an Assistant Professor of guitar. This time she played some Scarlatti for us on a Jose Ramirez Centenario in spruce and CSA rosewood and she also played a piece by Ben Verdery called Tread Lightly For you Tread on my Dreams. Jiji studied with Verdery at Yale and the 2003 Greg Smallman that jiji played for the piece also belonged to Verdery originally.

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3 Responses to “Jiji plays Smallman and Ramirez Centenario”

  1. Paul McGuffin says:

    You should have had her play the David Schramm Lattice along side the Smallman.

  2. RON SHALITA says:

    She is just way cool… great style and very relaxed… absolutely love it… Thank You!

  3. Gilbert says:

    Is she playing standing up? What is supporting the guitar?


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