While some of the material on the Flamenco Explained site features material and tutorials on playing pieces or falsetas, in some of the videos I do my best to explain some of the concepts that I know from experience can really confuse students. Here’s an example of a video where I do a fair bit of talking in an attempt to explain the concept of compás. Compás is a somewhat slippery topic because the word itself is used in so many different ways in flamenco – I’d even argue that it has a few different meanings – so I try to break down the more important aspects of what it is and how it works. If you’re new to flamenco, or have had a hard time grasping what exactly compás is, then this might be a useful lesson. I also break down how compás works in my book, Flamenco Explained, which I co-wrote with Dr. Scott Wolf.

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  1. Stephen Carney says:

    Wonderful Kai. I wished I had it explained this way years ago. It would have made it much clearer. Love the book!


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