Here is another set of videos from the Belgrade Guitar Duo which is comprised of Momcilo Moma Aleksandric and Filip Zivanovic. This time, they are performing all three movements from the Suite Italiana, written in 1989 by Italian guitarist and composer Mario Gangi.

The spicy first movement, “Salterello,” features two Estudio C-650’s, a 2018 cedar and a 2018 spruce, from the workshop of Teodoro Perez. The second, “Melodia,” is played on a 2016 spruce and a 2018 cedar built by Luis Fernandez de Cordoba. And finally, the third movement, “Tarantella,” concludes with two cedar top guitars by Andy Culpepper, one from 2017 and a brand new 2018.

We love opportunities like this when we get to put two guitars by the same luthier in the hands of a great duo. Seeing how the instruments interact with one another always reveal new characteristics that aren’t apparent when featuring just one.

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One Response to “Belgrade Guitar Duo plays Gangi Suite Italiana”

  1. Joel Henderson says:

    Fantastic selections, very ‘together’, and the guitars sound GREAT!


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