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When GSI’s David Collett and JohnPaul Trotter went to MusikMesse in Frankfurt, Germany (Europe’s largest musical equipment trade fair) in spring of 2018, they met up with many of the luthiers we work with and also with Open Strings Berlin‘s Nicolas and Hendrick to shoot some great videos about their time at MusikMesse.

In the first video, David and JohnPaul spend time with the Felipe Conde family, the Teodoro Perez family, Otto Vowinkel, Tobias Berg and Jochen Rothel and you can see that they’re having a pretty good time despite ‘working’. In day two, you’ll see them meeting with Italian heavyweights Andrea Tacchi (and his son Giovanni), Paolo Coriani, Gabriele Lodi and tuning machine master, Nicolo Alessi, as well as Hideo Sato, Christian Koehn and Sebastian Stenzel.

Huge thanks to Open Strings Berlin, who are a young, innovative media platform dedicated to promoting guitar culture through beautifully shot and edited video. They met with David and JohnPaul in Frankfurt and filmed their visit all 3 days, and are putting together a variety of videos to showcase the highlights of the visit. GSI has been attending this event for decades, yet we’ve never been able to capture it on film and share with all of you, until now!

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2 Responses to “GSI at MusikMesse”

  1. Chech says:

    Great video guys. GSI so does it right. Thanks for all you do for the classocal guitar.

  2. susie croteau says:

    me too I just love this stuff Susie croteau


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