Here are the Park Brothers, Alex and Wesley, playing Spanish Dance #1 from La Vida Breve by Manuel de Falla on a gorgeous pair of Pepe Romero guitars – numbers 160 and 260, both part of the ‘zeros collection’ that had been part of the Romero family’s personal collection until now and have just recently become available for sale. #160 is a redwood and maple guitar from 2009 and #260 is a cedar and Indian guitar from 2016. Both guitars were made by Pepe Jr. for his father and bear inscriptions to that effect.

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3 Responses to “Park Brothers play Pepe Romero Jr.”

  1. Joseph says:

    Absolutely beautiful. It would be very difficult for both players to play together in that fashion.

  2. James Farber says:

    Wow! Wonderfully executed! How long must have had to practice to get that straight and they played as if they were one man.

  3. Dave Blakey says:

    A great combination two fine players interpreting an excellent arrangement on the right guitars.


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