It’s been a little over a month, and we haven’t properly introduced our new showroom to you all. We’re pretty excited about it – it’s a beautiful and great sounding space. Oddly enough, it happens to have what appears to be a lattice-braced ceiling. The idea, of course, is for you all to stop by and play some amazing guitars in an amazing space. We look forward to seeing you here.

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5 Responses to “New Guitar Salon Showroom”

  1. Francisco Gil says:

    It is an incredible place to stay and to play all those beautiful guitars.

  2. JAMIE says:

    what a great ceiling…looks like lattice bracing

  3. Robin Marmor says:

    Hi Tim. I just looked at the pics. Great to see a glimpse of you. And, your new showroom is absolutely gorgeous. From the floors to the ceiling to the large open main room, the private playing rooms and all th beautifully encased guitars hanging on the walls. Don’t be too surprised if I stop by one day in the coming year.

    It’s really great to see how far you have come in the world of classical guitars. I remember so long ago when your journey began ~ Celin & Spain…

    Robin Marmor

  4. Os Dêuses da musica os aplaudem por esse lugar encantador com as melhores guitarras do mundo, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Albeniz, De Falla, Granado, estão todos vibrandos, por este templo, parabens

  5. Academic Guy says:

    The plural of you is ‘you’.

    You all is redundant.


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