This year, we can’t seem to get enough new guitars from Uruguayan luthier Ariel Ameijenda! The instrument he has just finished will be our third for 2018, and judging by these pictures, we expect this one to be out the door just as fast as the other two.

You may remember the gorgeous sound of Ariel’s instruments from Bill Kanengiser’s recording session back in May. Bill performed three short pieces: Abel Carlevaro’s “Microestudio No. 9,” Tarrega’s “Marieta,” and Brian Head’s “Lobster Tale.” You can watch those videos on his artist page here.

Just like the other two instruments, this one features a Cedar top and Uruguayan Blackwood back and sides. However, Ariel brings a new element to the mix with his updated rosette design. Keep an eye out for this guitar, hitting our New Arrivals page in the near future!

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