Here’s the legendary Angel Romero telling us about how he came to be in possession of a guitar – a 1926 Hermann Hauser I – that belonged originally to the violist Virginia Majewski who was a close friend of Segovia’s. Angel plays the guitar for us and tells how his father fell in love with the guitar and performed on it, eventually giving it back to Angel. One of those guitar stories that only the Romeros can tell…

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7 Responses to “Angel Romero plays his 1926 Hermann Hauser I”

  1. Behrooz compani says:

    Very nice guitar. Would you please make a policy to post the price of your guitars.

  2. Willa Cartwright says:

    Absolutely, brilliant.

  3. Rod says:

    Wonderful sound and playing…

  4. William says:

    More! I wish there was more to this interview…so very fascinating. Hope you captured more video that you can share!

  5. Chech says:

    Wow, great story. Thank you Mr. Romero

  6. James Farber says:

    Always so interesting to hear the stories behind the great instruments.
    I have always loved the Romeros. Thank you Angel!

  7. Marc Marcolina says:

    What is the name of the piece Mr. Romero performs at the beginning of the segment?


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