We’re very excited to present the world premiere of Evan Hirschelman’s new piece Unfeathered As We Are. Evan wanted to pair his new piece with the perfect guitar, and after trying out quite a few we wondered how it would sound on the 1969 Ramirez Segovia had owned and played for 11 years. There’s not much that guitar can’t handle beautifully, so we tried it and it turned out to be a perfect fit.

We asked Evan for a few words about the piece and guitar:

Unfeathered As We Are is a new composition I wrote, exploring a wide range of textures and emotions. It was a joy to perform this work on the legendary historic guitar Segovia owned and performed on. It was interesting to hear what the maestro was looking for in an instrument, while adapting to the timbral sound quality to interpret my own composition and playing style. I actually had the chance to play this guitar when GSI received it over a year ago, and wrote about my experience on my blog. The sheet music for Unfeathered As We Are will be available on my website starting next week.”

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6 Responses to “Evan Hirschelman plays the Segovia Ramirez”

  1. steve biasini says:

    Well, this is a great guitar.

  2. D.Taylor says:


  3. Dr. Arturo F. Jasso says:

    Beautiful guitar. Beautiful sound. excellent Technic. If you like modern music, you will love this piece.

  4. Phil Krueger says:

    Awesome sound, instrument, performance and composition. Bravo!

  5. John Crawley says:

    Very well done indeed. I hope this piece will be on a forthcoming new album, Evan. Lovely sound from both player and guitar.

  6. Bascom says:

    What wonderful playing – and the sound of that instrument! I wish my ‘69 Ramirez iA sounded like that.


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