Josh Moore was back for more videos recently, and he always seems to introduce me to great new corners of the classical guitar repertoire. This time he performed two of the three Preludios Urbanos by Anton Garcia Abril. Josh plays Preludio de Atenas on a new 2018 Oscar Muñoz guitar in spruce and Makassar ebony – Muñoz took 2nd prize in the first annual Antonio Marin Montero Guitar Making Competition. He plays Preludio de Paris on a fantastic 1961 Arcangel Fernandez classical in spruce and Indian rosewood. Rosewood guitars from Arcangel are exceedingly rare, so it was fun to hear one in such good shape played so well!

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3 Responses to “Josh Moore – Preludios Urbanos”

  1. Jim Sinclair says:

    Tried to click the link for information on the 2018 Oscar Munoz but got a message saying the link was not available…..very nice sounding guitar…..

  2. Dale Larsen says:

    I don’t like the music compositions much but the Munoz sounds fantastic, the Archangel sounds a little dry compared to the new Munoz, but it also is fantastic, and the guitarist has a wonderful tone. Bravo


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