Since its beginnings in 2011, the GSI Foundation has been working hard to keep music education alive in public schools across the United States. By providing programs with the necessary instruments, instruction, and inspiration, they have been able to provide thousands of kids with the opportunity to experience music firsthand. 

One school the Foundation has been working closely with over the past two years is Brockton Elementary, a public school in the Los Angeles Unified School District with an 80% minority enrollment. Last year, in cooperation with Cordoba guitars, the Foundation helped start a brand new music program by providing the school with 30 ukuleles and professional music instruction to the entire student body. Due to the enthusiasm of the students and the continued support from the Foundation, Brockton will be able to offer formal music training for many years to come.

To date, much of what the Foundation has been able to accomplish has been in collaboration with the Children’s Music Workshop, an innovative and Emmy award-winning music education company led by Larry Newman. The trust they have established with schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District has allowed the Foundation to quickly form relationships of their own with schools in the area and have an immediate impact. 

In this interview produced by the Children’s Music Workshop, GSI Foundation founder Tim Miklaucic shares his passion for ensuring every child has access to proper music education and the specific ways the Foundation’s aims to achieve this.

Of course, all of the Foundation’s work is only possible through the support of countless individuals who have donated over the years. Donations come in a variety of forms at the GSI Foundation. In fact, a significant portion come in the form of instruments – guitars, ukuleles, banjos, etc. – donated to the Foundation and sold through Guitar Salon International.

We encourage you to consider making a monetary or instrument donation to this cause if you are able. Otherwise, help us spread the word about the Foundation and their efforts to give every child across the country a proper music education!

Click here to visit the GSI Foundation website and learn more about ways you can support their work.

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