Fareed Haque is one of those rare beasts – a legit jazz player who is also a totally legit classical guitarist. He was recently in town on tour and wanted to come check out some guitars so we asked if he’d be down to do some videos, and he not only said yes, but brought the whole band with him – Alex Austin on bass, Greg Fundis on drums and Kevin Kozol on keys – and we got an amazing concert right there in the showroom on a Sunday morning. Here’s Fareed and his group playing the great Thelonious Monk classic ‘Round Midnight, with Fareed playing a new G V Rubio ‘Concert 635’ in spruce and maple. We’ll be uploading more videos of Fareed both with his group and solo, including some killer jazz arrangements of pieces from the classical guitar rep, so stay tuned!

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8 Responses to “Fareed Haque – ‘Round Midnight”

  1. Joseph Gulli says:

    Very well done! Kudos to Mr. Haque and his group. I love Jazz, classical, Bossa Nova. Round Midnight is one of my favorite tunes. Thank you. Well done!

  2. Nick DeVincentis says:

    Nice to be able to watch and listen to such a talented player. Glad he didn’t swallow that pick.

  3. Bravo! Our dear old friend Philippe Bertaud would have loved this.
    Always a pleasure to see and hear you.

  4. Great interpretation of this famous classic jazz composition!

    Very nice to hear a jazz quartet in this forum.

  5. Fareed Haque says:

    This guitar is wonderful, even tho the scale is 635, I had very little trouble adjusting!

    In fact, I don’t think I could even tell until someone told me….

    I love maple guitars! We used 4 different guitars, including a 1964 Fleta,Manuel de la chica and Fransisco Barbara…. so please let me know which one sounds best to you all!


  6. Ron says:

    that was very nice!

  7. MICHAEL D RUBIN says:

    Very fine & individual interpretation by Fareed, close integration w/ his group – nice all round. Top moment for me as a kid was being allowed into the 5-Spot to hear Thelonious; can still “hear” him, so to speak. This version, to me, actually not Thelonious-like (not a criticism!): very original to Fareed, maybe w/ a flavor of Django? All good.

  8. Amber says:

    Great performance, Loving lyrics, music. Looking forward to get more music performances like this. Thanks


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