We’ve got another great tutorial from the EliteGuitarist.com crew – this time it’s Ines Thome with Carcassi’s study No. 6, with Ines playing a great 2018 G V Rubio Custom Elite in spruce and Indian rosewood.

Carcassi’s study Opus 60 No. 7 is a standard in the classical guitar repertoire. Far from being a mere exercise in dexterity, this piece offers ample opportunities for phrasing development, chord formation, tremolo practice, as well as dynamic and tonal variations. Dr. Ines Thome insightfully deals with each of these performance aspects and enlarges the EliteGuitarist library of resources with another great tutorial. Check out this tutorial and the numerous other repertoire tutorials at www.EliteGuitarist.com

Watch the Full Tutorial and Learn to Play This Piece

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2 Responses to “Cacassi Etude No. 7 – New Repertoire Tutorial from EliteGuitarist.com”


    what is the see through guitar rest she is using here? ive never seen one before. Lovely performace of a beautiful piece

  2. Salvatore says:

    Thank you Dr. Thome for the guitar lesson.
    I learned so many interesting things to practice.


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