Here’s more of the great Guinga, this time playing his own Igreja Da Penha on a great 2015 Juan Miguel Carmona flamenco guitar that he really vibed with, which shows once again how flamenco guitars can be great instruments for jazz, Brazilian and other styles.

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4 Responses to “Guinga plays 2015 Juan Miguel Carmona”

  1. Errnani says:

    This wonderful waltz is dedicated to Haroldo Hilario Bessa, an elder friend who used to play pieces of Garoto (Anibal Augusto Sardinha), Bonfa, Laurindo… The music of Guinga, even with its unusual chords and sequences, is great to whistle. Eternal melodies clothed with very complexes harmonies.

  2. What a nice sound, it’s really unbelievable, wow!!

  3. Vinicius Toledo says:

    Guinga is one the best guitar players of Brazil, no doubt!

  4. William Rossles says:

    Great melodic sounds that transport you away. Beautiful guitar as well with full sound with a strong base and mids that pair up beautifully to complement this piece of music.


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