Last time he visited us, Celil laid down a performance of Las Abejas by Agustin Barrios that totally blew us away. This year, he brought another super-virtuoso piece, the kind that makes you wonder, “Is that even possible on the guitar?!” Enjoy Celil’s performance of Paganini’s Caprice in A, Opus 1 No. 5. on this stunning 1930 Hermann Hauser I guitar in spruce and maple.

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13 Responses to “Celil Refik Kaya plays Paganini Caprice (1930 Hauser I)”

  1. Bill Stephens says:

    Astounding performance – seemingly flawless, excellent timing. A real achievement. Congratulations!

  2. Hart Kornell says:

    Fast without feeling rushed or cramped at all. Fluid. Those six-eight fret shifts done without any ‘bump’ in the flow of the music? Whew..

  3. Phil says:

    Wow! What amazing technique and musicality. I’m a fan for sure. Was that smoke coming off the fretboard. Smokin’!!!!

  4. L.P.Pacelli says:

    Paganini would astound his audience and fellow musicians, too. He would hide his fingering notes for his performances, or, he would publish fingering notes that were incorrect, or worse, were deliberately noted in such a way as to devastate his fellow musicians with skilled performances of staggering fingering notations. They were bewildered and that simply added to his reputation as a someone impossibly gifted with special powers. In the case of Celil Refik Kaya no such trickery is needed. One simply has to watch and to listen; the skill of this guitarist is clear. Very well done and very much appreciated.

  5. James says:

    Jaw dropping virtuosity! I just discovered one of my new favorite guitarists.

  6. Colin Houghton says:

    This was a most professional performance. The Hauser met every requirement of what was needed for this Paganini Caprice.

    Wishing everyone at GSI a wonderful Christmas

    Kind Regards

    Colin Houghton

  7. JMOC says:

    Just when I think my playing is getting better, someone like this comes along and makes me look like a rank amateur. Ugh! Normally I get motivated, but how do I follow up on that? Bravo Cecil, nonetheless.

  8. David Santandrea says:

    wonderful performance , but the Hauser did not keep up with his playing

  9. Brian S. Gray says:

    What a fantastic performance! I think even Paganini would be impressed!

  10. Michael David Rubin says:

    Splendid! Mind-blowing technique w/ no loss of musicality; sheer joy & in-your-face assertion of virtuosity, Paganini’s & Celil’s. Thanks to all.

  11. Dr. Arturo F Jasso says:


  12. Mike says:

    That’s amazing! The speed and precision is spot on <3
    – Mike


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