Grisha Goryachev was back in the showroom recently and took some time to demo a few guitars for us. To start, here is his performance of Paco de Lucia’s exciting Almoraima (Bulerias) on a 2018 Pepe Romero which features a Cedar top and Indonesian Rosewood back and sides. This particular instrument was a perfect pairing with this piece as a 2012 model of this guitar was sold to Paco de Lucia and used on his album “Canción andaluza” recorded just before his passing in 2014. Four years later, Grisha effectively captures the soul of Lucia with his playing of this piece as well as the sound he produces on this stunning guitar.

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8 Responses to “Grisha Goryachev – 2018 Pepe Romero”

  1. Dale Larsen says:

    I thought the fingerboard was going to catch on fire. Grisha should always have a fire extinguisher nearby when he plays. All kidding aside, Grisha is a great person and friend of ours here in Saint Louis. If he is not already, he seems destined to be one of the greatest flamenco players of all time. Bravo!

  2. Michael says:

    Absolutely destined for the stars! 🏆

  3. Gary says:

    This video was awesome! To have Grisha to play on my guitar on one of my favorite songs.Grisha you played great! I love my guitar! Thanks Pepe Jr, and G.S.I. For putting this together! I will always treasure this video.

  4. Alberto Aviles says:

    Grisha. Where did you learn to play like this? This is awesome, just like our dear Paco. Congratulations an Gracias.

  5. Shaun says:

    The stretch at 1:45 is insane. Absolutely phenomenal player.

  6. Michael David Rubin says:

    ¡Fenómeno! Parece que hay un gran cuadro flamenco – bravo, Grisha.
    Nice Tientos feeling within Bulerías, also, even while playing w/ complete abandon.
    Reminds us of great fire of Carlos Montoya – muy gitano, también.

  7. Christine Babcock says:

    Stunning rendition! Beautiful guitar! He is an inspiration for those that love and play Flamenco guitar.

  8. Aaron Gates says:

    The Flamenco guitar is one of my personal favorites for using around the house. Beautiful music Grisha.


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