Last month, we had an inspiring evening recording with both Pepe Romero and Grisha Goryachev on a fascinating 1924 Miguel Rodriguez. Up to this point, the earliest Rodriguez to come through the shop was a flamenco from 1950, so the fact that this instrument was made over 25 years earlier gives you an indication of its rarity. On top of that, Pepe – the previous owner – says he acquired it from a relative of Paco de Lucia who claimed the flamenco legend played on it regularly! 

In addition to this great guitar, having both of these outstanding musicians in one room brought a rare energy to the evening which we were fortunate to be a part of. Enjoy this first video of Pepe playing the introduction to Sevillana by Joaquin Turina!

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5 Responses to “Pepe Romero – 1924 Miguel Rodriguez”

  1. Michael says:

    Very nice! What a fabulous flamenco! .. indeed a rarity.

  2. marc says:

    a game perfection of a very great guitarist and that I like a lot, and there in addition he plays on an exceptional guitar. Rodriguez is a huge luthier, his guitars are fabulous.
    here we hear the sound of a guitar, well balanced. which and rarely the case on classical guitars in new rosewood.
    proof is that it is not necessary that there is rosewood to have volume, sustain and projection.
    it is unfortunate that I can not buy this instrument.

  3. Scott says:

    Fantastic tone, thank you maestro!

  4. Aaron Gates says:

    Nice music composition. Miguel Rodriguez is an inspiration.

  5. Made4Guitar says:

    What a great tone, I think he’s an inspiration for every guitarist out here.


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