For our next video with Grisha, we have his performance on the 1924 Miguel Rodriguez we shared last week in our post of Pepe Romero’s performance. As previously mentioned, this guitar is particularly interesting due to the fact that 1) it’s the oldest Rodriguez we’ve ever had in the shop by over 25 years, 2) Pepe himself used to own it, and 3) Paco de Lucia’s cousin was the owner before Pepe, and it is known that Paco played this guitar quite often. All this makes Grisha’s incredible interpretation of Paco’s “Malaguena de Lecuona” all the more inspiring!

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3 Responses to “Grisha Goryachev – 1924 Miguel Rodriguez”

  1. Have to admit this is one interesting guitar. I’m sure age has a lot to do with it, and even though it has lost some of its brilliance, it has gained a soul that speaks to the heart.

  2. Joel Henderson says:

    Beyond excellent! Bravo to you for a magically musical rendition of a GREAT tune…

  3. Ernani says:



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