Swedish luthier Tobias Berg has just finished guitar #124 which will be on its way to us very soon! Looking at the pictures he sent, we were immediately taken by the stunning bridge which Tobias constructed out of a piece of Boxwood. Check out the pictures below where you can see the original cut of wood and the final bridge being glued and vacuum clamped.

In addition to sharing the photos, Tobias always sends us a few fun notes about the process of building each new guitar! Here’s what he had to say about this one:

“While french polishing the neck I always get a gauge of how responsive the guitar will be. As the pad moves over the neck while holding the guitar tilted on the bench just resting on the guitars top binding the top is able to ‘sing’ for the first time. I have the feeling that this could be a good one – I keep my fingers crossed ;-)”

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  1. Stephen Bell says:

    Beautiful lady!


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