Here are some beautiful pictures of a new guitar from Panamanian-born luthier Luis Fernandez de Cordoba. This particular instrument he is calling “Homenaje a Torres” as it is not an exact copy of any particular Antonio de Torres guitar but instead, his own design infused with many of the concepts and details from the instruments of Torres’ First Epoch.

Some of the Torres influence found in this guitar include thinner than normal sides, an open lower harmonic bar, a brass tornavoz, the classic First Epoch head and bridge design, and a rosette and top purfling design taken off of a specific instrument from 1863. Where it diverges from Torres are in the fingerboard width of 52mm, a slightly larger pantilla (which is actually his own reduced about 5 mm), and continuous linings that are not kerfed, but solid and laminated.

One especially unique feature of this guitar is the removable tornavoz which he implemented to make the instrument accessible for repairs and to give players a choice whether to use it or not. To achieve this, Luis used “high quality copper shielding tape” instead of solder. Check it out in the photos below!

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One Response to “Coming Soon – Luis Fernandez de Cordoba”

  1. Jim Critcher says:

    Was just in his shop today picking up some repairs and saw this instrument along with a few others he is in the process of finishing. Even with no strings, just tapping on the soundboard you can tell this is going to be a canon. Someone is going to have quite an instrument. Luis continues to astound me with his skill as a builder.


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