Guitarist Joseaugusto Mejia stopped by the shop this week and JohnPaul recorded him playing the new John Weissenrieder ‘Bouchet’ we just got in. Here’s Joseaugusto playing Satie’s ‘Gnossienne No.1’.

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3 Responses to “Video – John Weissenrieder ‘Bouchet’”

  1. Awesome guitar and an awesome piece. Sounds like a great guitar for impressionistic pieces…the Claude Monet of sound.

  2. hi i own his simplicio model that i adore and this ones sounds just as sentimental… can you tell me or recomend which strings are used on this or similar thankyou susie

  3. Raymond and Alan Dick says:

    Haunting! … I have just played this on Raymond’s piano, and was taken back to Lapin Agile…José!… we must get you to play there, too, and the ghost of Satie will smile! á bientót, Alan and Raymond


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