Here is Celil Refik Kaya with the last two movements, ‘Abigail Cloe’ and ‘Adriana Sofia,’ from his suite Miriam & Leon’s Daughters. In the first performance, he is playing a gorgeous 2017 Jochen Rothel with a Cedar top and Satinwood back and sides, and in the second, a 2018 Teodoro Perez “Especial” with an entrancing set of Imbuia back and sides.

Over the past couple weeks, we have had an exceptionally enjoyable time sharing these recordings with all of you! Celil’s compositional style is exactly what the guitar world needs at this moment – intricate harmonies and melodic motifs presented in a way that is still accessible for the untrained ear. We look forward to hearing more music from Celil and having him back in the GSI showroom as soon as possible!

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5 Responses to “Celil Refik Kaya – 2017 Rothel and 2018 Perez”

  1. Dave McLellan says:

    what a guy. playing such a lovely work. so tasteful as always.

  2. William says:

    Such lovely compositions! Would love to hear a recorded set of them available for sale!

  3. Travis McLaurin says:

    I really like this. So soft and autumn like in a forest.

  4. Michael David Rubin says:

    Lovely compositions, played thoughtfully & expertly.
    I particularly like the Rothel instrument w/ the blond woods – touch of Flamenco always fine in classical work.

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