This week, we have an awesome new artist for you – Sondre Hoymer! Sondre originally hails from Norway, later moving to Poland to study with Marcin Dylla at the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music. Here he is playing a short, delightful piece by Agustín Barrios entitled ‘Gavota al Estilo Antigua.’

In this performance, Sondre is playing a 2015 Federico Sheppard with a very interesting story. This particular instrument comes from a series called the ‘Camino’ guitars which all feature archetypal elements found in the Medieval churches and castles scattered along the famous “Camino de Santiago” in northern Spain. Although built in 2015, Federico never sold this particular guitar as he always preferred to have a “Dos Bocas” (two soundhole) guitar in his shop. It was recently played, however, by Pavel Steidl in a new video filmed in the “Spanish Sistine Chapel,” coming soon!

You can learn all about the other features of this amazing guitar on its product page here.

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    That was reallllly beautiful! Clean!


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