Last week, we were thrilled to see Classical Guitar Magazine’s review of our new CD with George Sakellariou, “The Sound of Torres,” and even more pleased with the praise given by editor Blair Walsh. For those unfamiliar, Blair personally reviews just about every classical guitar album that comes into the world, so we were excited to hear him say our CD was “as satisfying an album that has crossed [his] desk in a while.”

More specifically, Blair was quite appreciative of the wide range of genres covered in the course of the album. As a hardcore Rolling Stones fan, Blair noted that he was pleasantly surprised to find “Sakellariou’s arrangement fits perfectly” with the traditional works by Bach, Sor, and Ponce that all preceded it.

In the end, our goal with creating this CD was to share the sound of these amazing guitars with everyone, so we were very happy to hear him end the review by saying, “it’s the disc I chose to accompany my family Thanksgiving feast a couple of weeks ago, and it received raves from all those in attendance, none of them classical guitar aficionados.”

Read the full review on Classical Guitar Magazine and hear the CD for yourself by purchasing a copy here.

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One Response to ““The Sound of Torres” – Classical Guitar Magazine Review”

  1. Richard Schwartz says:

    OMG, best recording of any classical guitar ever. Such a sweet and rich sound.


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