Pepe is back this week with the music of a lesser known Barrios… Ángel! You may recognize these two lovely pieces from our last recording with Pepe on the amazing ‘1492 Granada Pine’ guitar built by our good friend Eddie Blochinger. This time, Pepe is playing one of his son’s instruments from 2012 with a stunning Spruce top and exotic CSA Rosewood back and sides. One of our favorite aesthetic aspects of this instrument is the mix of colors created from the different shades of wood and the subtle red purfling that decorates the edge of the top. As you will hear in a moment, it sounds pretty darn good as well!

Learn more about this guitar and the significance behind it being numbered 210 here.

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2 Responses to “Pepe Romero plays a 2012 Pepe Romero Jr.”

  1. John Jackson says:

    Do you have the sheet music or tab for ” tonadilla ” as played by Pepe Romero on your site today ? Would love to purchase

  2. Judith Agusti says:

    Always a privilege to see a master at work. It seems as if the guitar is part of your body. Thank you so much, Sr Romero!


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