We currently have a 1952 Hauser I that would appear to be the one of the very last ones that he made before his death that year. Along with the guitar we have the original correspondence between Hauser I and the original owner of the guitar, as well as a letter from Hauser II informing him of the death of his father.

Some of the things about this that I find interesting include the price of the guitar with case, which was $270 -adjusted for inflation that comes out to about $2300. Also, I like that Hauser spends more time describing the case than he does the guitar (though I imagine they discussed the guitar at some earlier point). And not only were bass strings 25 cents each, but apparently Hauser made them himself. Also, I love the orange machine heads.

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One Response to “One Of The Last Hauser I’s”

  1. Mikkel says:

    Wow what an amazing piece of history! I sincerely hope you make a high quality recording in the future, that would be fantastic.


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