This week we have the ultra-talented pairing of Jiji – a familiar face here at GSI – and her duo partner Gulli Bjornsson! Together, the two make up the eclectic guitar duo L I N Ü which plays a diverse repertoire of music, ranging from Philip Glass to Claude Debussy. Gulli, a native of Iceland, and Jiji met in 2015 while studying with Benjamin Verdery at Yale University.

First we hear Jiji’s wonderful arrangement of Debussy’s “Passepied,” originally composed for the piano and here played on two Jake Fuller ‘Purnell’ guitars. Then we will hear a wonderful rendition of “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence” on two instruments by Tobias Berg, followed by “Opening (From Glassworks)” by Philip Glass on two more guitars by John Weissenrieder.

In addition to the performances of L I N Ü below, we also asked Gulli to record a short segment of his gorgeous Arctic Sonata on a 2001 Dominque Field. Gulli is an accomplished composer whose award winning works have been published by Doberman-Yppan and performed by many great players. Enjoy the wonderful playing of these two young virtuosos!

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4 Responses to “L I N Ü (Jiji and Gulli Bjornsson) Perform Debussy, Glass, and Sakamoto”

  1. Paul Ashley says:

    All three performances were wonderful. The communication in the duets was so evident. By the way, what type of guitar support is being used here? I’ve never seen these before.

  2. I really enjoyed all the performances. I found Gulli’s composition to be very easy on the ears! Bravo! I am also interested in the guitar supports used by the performers. Could you please pass on any information pertaining to these supports?

  3. Bill Ruskin says:

    Very Nice combination of musical composition and tonewoods, lets us hear a clear comparison of the qualities of the different materials….brilliant!


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