At the end of each year, we always enjoy looking back at the performances we’ve recorded and sharing a few of our favorites with all of you! This was an amazing year in videos here at GSI. In addition to the multitude of guitar demonstrations we were able to shoot, we also had a few surprise treats including the introduction of both our mini-doc and “First Looks” series, as well as the appearance of a few legendary musicians outside the classical echelon such as Fareed Haque and Guinga.

From the hundreds of videos we filmed this year, below are just a select few of our favorites. We encourage you to watch these again and use them as a springboard to exploring all the wonderful performances we’ve shared over the past year!

As always we’d like to thank all of the talented artists who make it possible to show off the fantastic instruments that pass through the showroom. We obviously couldn’t do what we do without them!

Grisha Goryachev plays Paco de Lucia’s “Almoraima”

At 100,000 views in just 2 months, Grisha’s performance on this gorgeous Pepe Romero was definitely our most viral video of the year! In addition to this video, make sure you check his other performances from 2018 including “Zapateado in Re,” “Malaguena de Lecuona,” and “Con Garbo y Salero.”

Celil Refik Kaya plays Paganini Caprice in A

The combination of this incredible 1930 Hauser I and Celil’s mind-bending virtuosity made this performance an instant classic for us. This year, Celil also recorded a series of videos playing each movement from his beautiful suite Miriam & Leon’s Daughters which included movements Loretta, Reyna, Abigail Cloe, and Adriana Sofia.

Robert Bouchet – Guitar #2

The first of our series of mini-docs featured a truly one-of-a-kind instrument in Robert Bouchet’s Guitar #2. In addition to this guitar, we also produced a second mini-doc on Edmund Blochinger’s “Dome” guitar. Stay tuned for more of these coming out in 2019!

Zoran Dukic plays “451” by Stephen Goss

2018 was a particularly special year for the Segovia Ramirez with the recent release of Scott Tennant’s new CD, “The Segovia Sessions.” Here Zoran put his special touch on it with a stunning new work by composer Stephen Goss. (P.S. get your tickets to “Scott Tennant and Friends” – a special live event at GSI celebrating the Segovia Ramirez – before they sell out!)

Tomasz Fechner plays all 12 Villa-Lobos Etudes

To end the year, we released a landmark recording of Tomasz Fechner playing all 12 Villa-Lobos Etudes, in one sitting! This was definitely a feat we were honored to be a part of and don’t expect to see done again in the near future.

Finally, we want to take a moment to thank you for being an integral part of our lives in 2018. All of this would be nothing without those of you who watch our videos, read our blog, and interact with us on social media! We wish you another year of health and happiness and look forward to bringing you more guitar and music in 2019!

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3 Responses to “Top 5 Performances of 2018 – YouTube Recap”

  1. Dr. Arturo F Jasso says:

    Wonderful way to open the new year. Many thanks.

  2. nelson cain says:

    This was a wonderful way to enjoy great guitar playing. Being a fan of solo flamenco for 60 years I have to say Grisha is the best living artist I have listened to. I wish JiJi was on this as number six.

  3. Sean says:

    Without a doubt, some of the best renditions of classical music are on your site. I just love hearing these beautiful instruments sing. I am highly considering getting large prints made of several of the guitars off your site for wall art in my office. The instruments are BEAUTIFUL and hearing them played is just the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae.
    Best in 2019!


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