We’ve got another fantastic lesson for all of you from the one and only Kai Narezo, this time on a stunning 1971 Manuel de la Chica. In this week’s edition of “Anatomy of a Compás,” Kai breaks down the basics of Soleá and provides you with the skills to start playing it on your own. To make it even easier, he has supplied the notation and tab for you to print out and keep at home!


Once again, this is just a small taste of Kai’s incredible resource for all things flamenco guitar called Flamenco Explained. We highly encourage you to visit FlamencoExplained.com to learn more about the platform and all the lessons it offers!

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4 Responses to ““Anatomy of a Compás” – Soleá”

  1. Diego de Oro says:

    Hi Kai, thank you for this. I like the way you broke up the 12 beats into their subsections and offered variations in each. These variations can compound on each other to form so many variations. Very useful!

  2. Greg Smith says:

    Great teaching! Learning by listening and doing with just enough explanation not to be boring. Thank you!

  3. Jorge Leon says:

    Thank you! Excellent explanation.

  4. Kevin Roberts says:

    Got this video from GSI. Loved it and decided to subscribe but was unable to subscribe or use from by laptop. I was successful on my I-pad. Wasn’t able to set up a pass word from either device. Help me out when you can. The help function from the lap top would not work either. Thanks Kevin


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