We had a feeling that Scott Tennant might want to check out the new cedar-top Daniel Friederich that David brought back from Paris, and fortunately for us we were right. Scott recorded his beautiful arrangement of ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ and ‘Italian Dance’ by Hans Neusidler. Big thank you to Scott for making the time to get such a lovely recording of this guitar before it left the shop.

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24 Responses to “Scott Tennant at GSI”

  1. Garrett says:

    Great stuff! I want one!

  2. Tom says:

    I will take one too if it can be guaranteed to sound like Scott, but alas…

  3. alex says:

    Did Scott buy this guitar?
    He also owns Woodfield and some others.

  4. Kai says:

    No, Scott didn’t buy it. He just came to see and play it before it left us (and we’re glad he did).


  5. Humberto Santamaria says:

    All away down from Colombia, What a pleasure to see and hear Scott… always a real maestro and the guitar sound superb.

  6. Dusty Deryck says:

    Wow! Scott’s pumping the nylon is phenomenal. My favorite guitarist. Only wish I could play half as well, and my Paulino Bernabe Concierto sounded so great.

  7. Howard Runyon says:

    Gorgeous. Thanks for putting these recordings out, and thanks to M. Friederich and Mr. Tennant!

  8. Brent says:

    Has Daniel Friedrich ever made flamenco guitars? I’ve heard rumors that he made one or more for a well known flamenco player.

  9. Gem says:

    Awesome Scott. I got all your books and your teaching is superb.

    Thanks for showing this one.

  10. Enrique Guerrero says:

    That was pretty much all awesome.

  11. holyevil says:

    That almost look like he’s playing in the traditional flamenco position. why is it so? he sounds awesome!

  12. LAWRENCE says:

    The Friederich guitar does not sound like anything special.Overrated IMHO.

  13. Paul says:

    Scott is amazing. I especially like the Wild Mountain Thyme piece. Any idea on where one can get the music for this piece?

  14. LAWRENCE says:

    A nice guitar but certainly no better sounding than a cedar Marin , or a cedar Teodoro Perez ,or a cedar Bernabe ,or my own cedar Casimiro Lozano which is incredible. I empohasise cedar because this Friederich appears to be cedar . I am not trying to knock the guitar ,rather am stating that a Marin or Perez are just as good and less expensive too .IMHO.

  15. LAWRENCE says:

    A very ordinary sounding guitar . I do not understand all the fuss.I have seen better sounding Ramirez guitars at a fraction of the price.

  16. LAWRENCE says:

    I remember sitting two feet away from guitarist Luis Zea ,in the same room obviously , approx 1980 .He was playing his Friederich and I remember thinking what an outstanding sound that guitar had .He was an excellent guitarist too but that was a really fine guitar .

  17. Palmer Hoovestal says:

    What a beautiful piece of music. Following up on Paul’s inquiry, any idea where we can get Scott’s Wild Mountain Thyme?

  18. Paul says:

    It is a beautiful piece of music, and played well. The Friederich is a fantastic instrument, and I speak as someone who owns a 2009, also a Bernabe Imperial, a HHII, and a friend of mine owned a Marin for a while and have played T. Perez. All wonderful guitars, but Daniel’s guitars are sublime. So, the Friederich needs to be heard in person, it is silky smooth, rich, it is full of sound, it has many partials to go along with the fundemental of each note! It fulfills the ole adage of “being a mini-orchestra in your lap.”


  19. Dave McLellan says:

    hey that’s not Italian it’s Neusidler!

  20. Bryn says:

    Why do some people always have to throw their 2 cents in on EVERYTHING. Just sit back and enjoy a true maestro do his thing……..

  21. Guitar Dean says:

    Guitar Dean…

    […]Scott Tennant at GSI | Guitar Salon International | The Blog[…]…

  22. José Ademir says:

    Very,very good,Scott.
    I love the classical guitar music.
    Mr . Scott play the very well.


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