Torija from Torroba’s ‘Castillos de España’ is a set of brief pieces that take the listener on a musical tour of Spain’s famous castles. The Torija castle is located just off the road between Madrid and Barcelona. This piece is a reflective, introspective musical depiction of Torija and in this tutorial instructor Kevin Enstrom shares all the secrets of the trade that help bring this piece to life. From phrasing insights, to slight variations of the tempo and dynamics you will be able to transport your listeners to the wonderful Torija castle.

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Guitar: 1987 Manuel Valezquez, courtesy of Guitar Salon International

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One Response to “Torija – New Repertoire Tutorial from www.EliteGuitarist.com”

  1. John says:

    A beautiful performance….highly finessed and restrained (no theatricals here). Well done.


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