This week, we’ve got more from Sondre Hoymer for you, this time on an incredible 1930 Hermann Hauser I “Llobet.” We’ve already shared a few sensational demonstrations of this guitar from Celil Refik Kaya and Eleftheria Katzia, and Sondre continues its streak of excellent players!

First up, Sondre plays an elegant rendition of J.S. Bach’s always popular ‘Gavotte en Rondeau’ from Suite BWV 1006. The Hauser’s clarity really comes through on this delicately articulated interpretation. In the second video, Sondre treats us to a virtuosic performance of Luigi Legnani’s Caprice No. 21. Enjoy both performances below!

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4 Responses to “1930 Hermann Hauser I played by Sondre Hoymer”

  1. Joel Henderson says:

    Total control with beautiful tone on a fabulous guitar…scale of 1-10….12!

    Made my day…

  2. Rod says:

    Wonderful. Player and instrument.

  3. Mark says:

    Sublime! A combination of supreme virtuosity and exquisite interpretation. Thank you!

  4. Beautiful Bach played well on a GREAT guitar… chapeau!
    Today is a fine day! Thank you for posting!


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