Here’s a great series of photographs documenting the birth of Russian luthier Vladimir Druzhinin’s newest rosette – from conception to realization. Starting with a CAD (computer assisted design) rosette, you can see the step-by-step process that ultimately led to its being inlayed in its first soundboard.

For inspiration, Vladimir sites Esteso and Hernandez whose rosettes he’s admired for years. In addition, Vladimir’s “aim was to create a non-static minimalistic yet expressive and unique central motive with contrast, clean-separating and balanced outer circles.”

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One Response to “The Birth of a New Rosette – Vladimir Druzhinin”

  1. Gary Beemer says:

    I had no idea how detailed and intricate the rosette can be. I’ve never really studied the designs up close before. After reading this I looked at my Ramirez ‘Elite’ and was stunned by the workmanship. Thanks for an incredible article.


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