*Update: All five of TY’s performances are now available on the GSI YouTube channel.

Our good friend TY Zhang recently visited Los Angeles as part of his North American concert tour, the coveted prize awarded each year to the recent GFA competition winner. We were thrilled when TY was able to stop by and share his incredible virtuosity and musicality on a few of our favorite guitars in the showroom right now. Below are five videos from him performing both “Tuhu” by Roland Dyens and “Sonata K. 53” by Scarlatti on a 2003 Greg Smallman, “Shindler’s List” by filmscore composer John Williams on a 1912 Enrique Garcia, “Valseana” by Sergio Assad on a 2017 Jose Vigil as well as Astor Piazzolla’s “Primavera Portena” on a 2018 Zoran Kuvac. These are all of the five videos TY shot for us, but stay tuned for more in the future!

In addition to being a great performer, TY is also an insightful teacher, giving masterclasses at many of the stops along his tour. Thanks to our buddies at tonebase, you too can learn from TY! He has recorded classes on general aspects such as Performance Preparation and Warming Up as well as the music of Scarlatti. tonebase has a 7-day free trial which you can use to check out all the lessons on the site from legendary artists including Pepe Romero, Sharon Isbin, Scott Tennant, and many more. We highly recommend going over to tonebase.co and checking them out!

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2 Responses to “2017 GFA First Prize Winner TY Zhang Visits GSI”

  1. I’m an absolute classical guitar beginner. Can Mr. Zhang offer me advice on how to learn to play well? I have a teacher and a good beginner guitar but progress is slow and I can’t help but think something is missing. Please advise me. Thanks.

    • Marc Weber says:

      Jeff, The only thing you might be missing is patience. It takes years to play and sound like Mr. Zhang. Keep playing, practicing and loving the guitar. It will come!


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