Our friends at have just released an in-depth tutorial of Vals Venezolano No. 3 (Natalia) by Antonio Lauro. This is a beloved standard in the classical guitar repertoire, and it is full of life and color. The piece combines Strauss-like waltzes with South American syncopated rhythms. Check out the in-depth, note for note tutorial from, grab your guitars, and let’s get to work!

Also, don’t miss the insightful practice tips tucked away in the tutorial segments; these might just set you up for some great progress. For this recording Tavi Jinariu played a 2018 Jake Fuller “Purnell” guitar. Tavi loved the guitar so much that he ended up purchasing it after recording this tutorial.

Watch the Full Tutorial to learn how to master this piece.

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3 Responses to “Learn to Play Lauro’s ‘Vals Venezolano No. 3’ with Elite Guitarist”

  1. Diego de Oro says:

    Very nice Tavi! I was pleased to hear you mention the steady rhythm and pulse that characterizes so much South American music. At the risk of generalizing and over simplifying, I think the guitar community and the music in question is best served when the rhythm of Latin Music is treated with more strict consideration and adherence. Well done!

  2. Richard says:

    Robotic playing, too much rubato in the 2nd section. It sounds like John Williams in the first part with some minor mistakes, so nothing new authenticiteit here, where is the poetry?

  3. Oscar Acevedo says:

    Great interpretation…and a careful explanation of where accents are critical. As an aspiring musician, I am grateful for this tutorial. More of these please!


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