My friend Jon Connolly has been my Pro Tools guru for years now. I had a meltdown in the studio a few years back the night before a big session and he came and cleaned it all up in no time and taught me a lot in the process. Now I have him come once a year to clean everything up and I’m still learning tricks from him. Jon’s also the guy who volunteered his time and gear to record our recent event with Pepe Romero Jr. and Sr.

On November 5th Jon and Brian Carter, another certified Pro Tools specialist, are teaching a Pro Tools ‘Jump Start’ class in Burbank. It’s an 8-hour class covering system set up, recording, editing and mixing (including routing and plugins). Each student has his own Pro Tools rig to learn on. If you want to get started on Pro Tools, just get a lot more proficient, or are transitioning from another DAW, I highly recommend Jon and this is a great way to dive in. Class is $195 including lunch, and you can get more info here.

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  1. It’s always grate to get someone to help you out when just starting out with pro tools, I remember having one guy just like your friend Jon, a guru in Pro tools, he learn me all I know with that grate software.

  2. Alrick says:

    Nice blog, thanks for your time in writing your posts 🙂


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