Remember the successful Guitar Making Competition in Granada last year where David Collett was on the jury? Well, this year marks the 3rd annual holding of the Festival de la Guitarra, which is a big festival with various events in it, including the 2019 Granada Guitar Making Competition. For the curious, our good friends at the European Guitar Foundation provided guidelines and rules for this year’s competition on their website in both English and Español.

The entire Festival will take place from July 18th – August 11th in beautiful Granada, Spain, and we’ll gladly be involved, along with the GSI Foundation, as official sponsors. David Collett will again be a judge on the panel for the third straight year, and our friends at Córdoba Guitars will be unique guitar sponsors for the event as well.

This year’s Festival will include an exciting new guitar making course named after Manuel de la Chica, and it will be taught by Manuel Cáceres and René Baarslag. For those interested in luthiery, all of the requirements to participate, class details and fees can be found on the course page.

We must say, we’re ready to see the undoubtedly expertly-built instruments at the 2019 Granada Guitar Making Competition. If you’d like to know just how masterful the guitars we find here are, look no further back than our first guitar by last year’s 2018 competition winner Francisco Muñoz Alba, which arrived to the showroom a couple months ago and is ready to be taken home by one lucky owner. Now we wait a few days for the Festival to start on July 18th. Stay tuned for updates from Granada!

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