Our friends at have just released a great tutorial of the familiar Malagueña. Check out the in-depth, note-for-note tutorial from EliteGuitarist. Malagueña is one of the most recognizable Spanish tunes for the classical guitar and an immediate favorite of audiences. In spite of its simple melody, the piece presents great opportunities to improve your right hand technique. You will learn how to play triplets, rasqueados, and many other exciting techniques. Check out the rest of the note for note tutorials at For this recording Tavi Jinariu played a 2001 John Weissenrieder “Garcia” guitar

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10 Responses to “Learn to Play ‘Malaguena’ with EliteGuitarist”

  1. Richard says:

    Thank you for the basic course for Malaguena. I’ve been playing this for over 50 years and still today I leaned something new. LOL, Richard J.

  2. I just watched the tutorial, the first section, on playing Malaguena with Elite Guitarist. I worked on some of this before. but I never mastered it. This tutorial is just with I need to finally master this classic piece of Spanish guitar music. How do I continue with this descriptive video series? Can I get the sheet music for this version of Malaguena?

  3. Luis Fernando Valencia says:

    Hola!! Gracias Maestro Tavi Jinariu , finalmente aprendi/encontre una manera de empezar a sonar Malagueña de una manera facil de acuerdo a mis posibilidades tecnicas del momento!!! Muy claras y efectivas sus explicaciones,demuestran una buena didactica para le enseñamiento de este dificil intrumento como la guitarra y ademas un gran sonido y efecto. Felicitaciones!! Cuándo y donde encuentro la continuación del tutorial ( sus demás variaciones) para seguir aprendiendo a sonar Malagueña.

  4. Jim O'Connell says:

    The link for the 2001 John Weissenrieder “Garcia” guitar is incorrect. Instead, it takes you to the 2018 Jake Fuller “Purnell” guitar. (Otherwise, a great web site!)

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