Our friends at have just released another tutorial of Bach’s Gavotte En Rondeau. Check out the in-depth, note-for-note tutorial from EliteGuitarist. Originally written for solo violin, Bach’s “Gavotte En Rondeau” has become a standard in the classical guitar repertoire. In this piece you will be able to improve your left hand slurs (hammer-on and pull-off) and overall dexterity, experiment with a variety of tonal colors and create phrasing variations. Check out the rest of the note for note tutorials at For this recording Taso Comanescu played a 2018 Vladimir Druzhinin guitar.

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One Response to “Learn to Play “Gavotte En Rondeau” with EliteGuitarist”

  1. James J Caldwell says:

    Fantastic! Where can the Segovia transcription of this piece be purchased? Would love to have a copy. Thanks.


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